The Echoes Of Our Life

I once heard someone says “what do we really know about death except that nobody comes back!” but when it comes to life we do know a lot of stuff and the inevitable thing is that life is nothing but a journey we have to go through whether we like it or not, we’re aware when it begins but we can’t tell when the end is coming, this journey will draw our features and formalize our characters unconsciously, if you really think about it you’ll see that life is totally clear, but the reflections of its echoes in our depths is the vague thing about it, for example if you ask someone what the first thing comes to his mind when mentioning the color red, he’ll respond with bloods, accident, violence, while another one will say a rose, romance and love, well, someone already said it better in this quote “the best way to change the world is to change yourself” .

I’m not an expert but I assure that there’s no such thing as 100% positive neither 100% negative life, and I also assure that we can be as happy as we wish, if we have patience, consistence and the will, I’m not saying it’s an easy process, giving up is the easiest.

Maybe we need the existence of black to realize how pure is white, maybe we must flump in the road to cherish the value of life and hold on to it tightly to take a new lesson from each obstacle, we carry everything we face inside of us, so why don’t we make a paradise from our depths instead of a terrifying nightmare that we can’t escape.

And here I came up with the name Echoes for this blog, to talk about the reflections of life inside of us, to enjoy the smiles we receive and feel the tears we shed, for someone once said “life is beautiful only for those who know how to celebrate the pain” and I believe that we must live each moment to the fullest to experience these worthy feelings.

So lets write our memories with our hands, and decorate the days with our smile, life is colors, we use it to paint our portrait which is us, so please pick up the right colors.


14 thoughts on “The Echoes Of Our Life

  1. this artical contains simple wording which attract me alot..u beautifully defined the echoes our life..its was very motivating and inspiring….hats off to u…go girl

  2. i’m just happy for u …really …really happy
    it’s an amazing article….loved it…keep going Samar “wish u all the best”
    “Maybe we need the existence of black to realize how pure is white”…..

  3. thank u rana, lets forget about what’s waiting us after death, and try to focus more on the life we have now, cuz its really precious and worths fighting for, and so we should make the best of it before we leave, thanks again sis for stopping by 🙂

  4. i agree with you samar except the part of life and death coz i believe in life after death and every ending (even life) is a departure somewhere else …. but whatever is this life made of, lets act like it’s an adventure and what if we try our best to make it worth 🙂 .
    thx for the tag sis, i really loved it 🙂

  5. tala you’re absolutely right, life is mostly what we make it, i’m really glad u liked it 🙂

    layan, thank you so much, u have just motivated me, i hope can be as good as your expectations 🙂

  6. first of all, i am soooooo proud of u samar and of this amazing achievement ! i knew there was something amazing in u!
    its the perfect reflection of what we need in life >>> LIFE!

    i loved this post sooo much! way to go girl!

  7. Amazing post , i totally agree with you, life is simple and i believe that what you give get whether it is good or bad. let it be something good 🙂

  8. well, Safaa i think that we must change the way we look to life so that life itself will change, life has both the good and bad, but its what we choose to see is what really matters, so lets always have a positive attitude towards it and enjoy this life while we still in it 🙂

  9. i hope through this project over come pessimism of this life
    I hope that you can Samar, to put the drug on my wounds deep in this life which, as you said * do not know when the end of our life *

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