What If There Is No Change!

Well, it doesn’t make sense, because our life begins with a change and ends with a change too, but for a brief moment I ask you to imagine if in 5 years from now your life will be the same as it is now, I bet that this thought will be very repulsive to most of you and perhaps to all of you, and you know why is that? It’s because we never find the perfection we’re searching for, the hunger of the incomplete invades our conscious, and deludes us to seek for the change which will carry us there.

Perhaps it’s the incomplete pieces that push our desires, perhaps we need to change to feed our delusions, People are always saying that change is a good thing. But all they’re really saying is that something you didn’t want to happen at all…  has happened, but does it mean that it’s a bad thing? Well, not necessarily, I know that change is so often to stand in the way of the plans we make to live by, and sometimes it messes up our life, and that’s only to make it work out for you but in other ways, the mysterious ways that God works on.

change is inventible, I see the change in me and in the people around me, and it makes me realize that each piece I lose during the time of change, i gain something else, another piece that’s been missing, well, maybe it’s just me, maybe I look at it from a positive angle because I’m going through some good changes in my life now, and starting this blog is one of them.

But I just want to leave you with this thought, if all the unpleasant changes that you have faced through your life didn’t occur, will your life be any better?!


5 thoughts on “What If There Is No Change!

  1. Nice post Samar. Well it reminds me of this quote : Don’t be afraid of change. you may be losing something good but you’ll probably end up gaining something so much b e t t e r. The unpleasant changes that we have faced will help us to grow up, to be more mature, to gain experience and to be the way we should be. Change is never easy but it’s worth it. :-)) Keep it up the great work … wish you all the best hun 🙂

  2. In my opinion life would suck if that happened.we all have dreams, and i think achieving dreams basically is a Change,, my life would have no meaning if i spent all of it as a student for example,,i mean why bother if i will always be the same,it doesn’t matter what i do!! .

    1. i totally agree with you Malik, life would have no meaning if we dont change, and as u said, if we will always be the same, then it really doesn’t matter what we do or what we’re living for, thank you for stopping by 🙂

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