And Life Goes On

People are always telling that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, but the thing is we actually know what we have, we just never thought it will be gone, we are so often afraid of losing the best in our life, and yet we never think we will, and that’s how it goes, right? Will we ever escape the ghost of departure? I wouldn’t think so, because for every beautiful moment there’s an end, and in every strong friendship there are farewells, separated we are by a borders of chasing dreams we are obliged to.

And to be honest, this kind of fear had only touched my heart when I myself experienced such a huge loss, when my father passed away I was so angry at God for stealing this dear person from me, and the shock was that I didn’t think I’ll have to go on with my life, but so I did, I saw people walking in the streets as if things were fine, and indeed it was, we go through the whole life losing and being pulled away from our dear persons, and we seduce our minds to believe it was for the best.

People come and go into your world, but only few leave footprints in your heart, those are the people who never leave us no matter how far they seem to be, we can always hear their voices deep down inside.

Well, I admit I still don’t understand how life goes, but what I came to realize is that each tiny moment in our life is going to be a memory at particular time, and so all I’m hoping for is to build some terrific memories that will decorate a shining future.


6 thoughts on “And Life Goes On

  1. Wow .. thats an amazing article … im really sorry for your loss … but each one of us is might experience it … ya rab er7amna w oltof feena 🙂 by the way can u tell me if u have a facebook account 🙂 i would really like to meet u 🙂

  2. Haneen thanks alot my friend, i’m very happy that you liked it, and i agree with you, this is how life goes, no matter what we face in the road, we will keep walking,, thanks for the visit, love u too sweetie 🙂

  3. Samar.. thats really the spirit! i believe that if we love something or someone very much so we have to hold them tight!! because we cant find these things easily in our life! but for sure if we lost it we cant stop and life still going on! people still going on! WE still going on!

    GREAT ARTICLE ! love u sweetie .. so keep going 😉

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