How To Win The Game

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time playing cards; the funny thing about playing cards is that it totally reveals your character; if you’re paying good attention to the game you could analyze each player, some people haste things whenever they’re winning then it costs them the whole game, some would be so afraid to take the risk that they miss pretty good chances, some play very defensive while others are very adventurous and so on.

But here’s the incredibly funny thing about this game, its very similar to life, luck won’t be in your side all the time and it could stab you in the back, but remember no matter how bad was your card, if you play it well you’ll avoid the big loss, so get back to the table and keep playing, even if you lost dozens of times, stay for another round.

If you really master this game, if you learned how to overcome luck, you will totally master living, because in the game of life you wouldn’t be holding the cards you desire, but you have plenty of time to work in it, so be patient, understand that sometimes you need to sacrifice a lot to get there, sometimes you have to take huge risks, and at such times fear shouldn’t be standing in your way, because you might lose, and you might lose a very big hand, don’t let that bring you down, don’t let that make you stop, give it one more try and you’ll probably win, the game is beautiful, and it gets more beautiful when it gets tougher, when you fight heavily to win the battle that’s when it worth it the most.

P.S … during that time, try to do your best to enjoy the game.



6 thoughts on “How To Win The Game

  1. i hate cards! i totally suck at it :p but after reading this wonderful article i am pretty sure i will give it a try afterall!
    u made it look really funny! ❤

  2. well Malik, first of all, i hope you won the game today 😉 and second of all, i totally agree with u, its not the cards that defines the game but rather the way we play it ,, thank you for the visit 🙂

  3. since i have just finished a card game with my friends i have to say i like your style 😛
    having a bad cards doesnt mean losing the game.
    great Metaphor Samar, i like the way u think 😉

  4. thanks Haneen, thats how the game of life works, if we play it well we might get what we’re hoping for no matter how bad was the card, thank u sweetie, i’m happy you loved it 🙂

  5. Oh Samar! thats really so beautiful article! U ROCK GIRL!!
    I agree with everything u wrote huni.. we have to understand everything around us.. think carefully then play the game 😉

    I loved the idea .. GO GIRL ❤

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