Those Were The Days .. My Love

And how cruel the night could be when silence is all that’s left to hear, and a glimpse of dawn seems too far to be reached, but I’m so afraid to sleep and not dream of you again, so scared to speak and mistakenly whisper your name, so scared the birds won’t sing for me again, for tomorrow might not be as good as yesterday.

And where were you, my darling, I walk in the streets hoping for stealing a coincidence, where our eyes could meet, we might get on the same bus station, and talk about how lovely were those days, and how lovely were those days, your voice penetrates my soul and lightens a wonderful life from within.

And what about a cup of coffee, While our song is being played, the song we used to dance on, the song that used to be the rhythm of my life, and maybe then farewell gets confused in his way to us.

Those were the days, my love, why should they end …



8 thoughts on “Those Were The Days .. My Love

  1. thanks ehtesham 🙂
    luna thank u so much for your sweet words, and thanks for the invite, of course i’ll join and i’m sure that i will enjoy it 🙂

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