What If Tomorrow Never Comes

“Tomorrow we’ll meet” he said, lifting my soul up to air, praying deeply for God to grant me his blessing of tomorrow, singing a tune of joy that tickled the drowsiness in my eyes, keeping me up all night to hold on for tomorrow.

And as I lay down counting the starts in the sky  I couldn’t help but wonder if the grace of tomorrow will find the way towards me, what if tomorrow never comes, what if the sun light won’t pass through my window again, will the clock stop ticking, will you be waiting for me tomorrow? I can see you sitting there, ordering coffee to give you company while you’re staring at the door, waiting for it to be opened, oh will my words reach out for you my friend?

Strange how long a minute can last when all your life flashes through your eyes, the people you’ll miss, and those who you’ll be missed by, the sweet moments you won’t be around to share, and the embittered ones that you won’t be crying at.

And if tomorrow never comes, and if my time is through, where am I going to be? Will I be able to visit him and say the words I was saving for tomorrow? Oh tomorrow, how far are you, I walk closer to you, and you’ll always be a day away, but where there’s tomorrow, there’s always something worth hanging on till tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “What If Tomorrow Never Comes

  1. Never save any moment of being happy till tomorrow, don’t wait for the perfect moment or the right time because the perfect time will not come , enjoy your life moment by moment and live today as if it is your last day coz who knows tomorrow may never come !

    1. exactly tala, we should live each moment and never save it till tomorrow, we should never save the words we want to say till tomorrow, now is the best time, thanks sis 🙂

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