On The Edge Of Sanity

The heart is heavy, and the burden won’t be borne away, I seek the sun beyond the weeping moon, among the mourning stars, I seek for hope in the faces of those forsaken spirits, I moan silently, wailing for the diseased dream, and the rain softly washed away the remained memory of the sunlight, leaving only darkness in the horizon.

I weep delightfully, as I amputate the hanging wish, releasing my soul from the ghost of hope; comfortably I sank in grief, unwilling to rise, refused to pass through, this comfort drifted in my veins so ruthlessly I almost couldn’t breath.

Oh, woe for the dreams that kept me hanging on the edge of sanity, and woe for those promising tomorrows that faded in the ashes of solitude, for the foolish in me had finally crossed the way to the fairyland where a heart can dwell in peace.

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