5 You Must Avoid To Have A Healthy Look For Life


It’s your life, and it’s your responsibility, and when you blame others for it, you’re giving them the strength to control and provoke you, so stop blaming people and circumstances and start taking responsibility for your actions.


It might make you feel good whenever you compare yourself to those who are less than you, but actually it limits your power and ambition, for you should always look up and never down.

And in comparing yourself to those who have more, it will guide your concentration on the missing parts, it will open your eyes on the dark side of your life, and then all the motivation you own will turn into weakness and despair, so how about treating yourself as you deserve to become who you are.

Living in the past:


The past has gone, with its roses and its thistles, we need to let go of yesterday and stop thinking about it, we have so much to think about right now, and many tomorrows to make it up, and most of all, never regret your past, cause both good and bad had only led you to where you are.


Before you start criticizing someone, wait for awhile, take a deep breath, then try to think of 3 good features in that person, and focus all your attention on his strength points rather than his weakness points. Be nice.

The phenomenon of (I):

Talk to people about you and they’ll listen, talk about them and they’ll love you, so remember less (I) and more (you).

Avoid those 5 bumpy roads and enjoy the ride ..



2 thoughts on “5 You Must Avoid To Have A Healthy Look For Life

  1. This is the best post/article i ever read.. Reading Motivational Quotes, Thoughts of the Day, Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational/Motivational Stories and Articles each day changes how you think; it changes your life.I am also taking advantage from your articles/posts and collecting wisdom and trying to apply on life.

    congrats and well done for writing this wonderful article..my best wishes are with you..

    Sazain Baloch

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