Love On Scattered Sheets

The sheet is wailing for some troubled letters, and the words are struggling to be heard, and I comfort myself with a pen that reflects the shape of my heart, I leave these notes under my pillow waiting to be found, hoping they might fell in your hands accidently, and words will tell, exposing the look in my eyes, uttering the breaths that’s been held inside, and as you seek beyond the lines, look further and you will feel my ache, whisper my words with your lips, so I would listen to my heart in the tune of your voice.

Those sheets are weeping beneath my pillow, yearning for a touch of your hands, praying to be suppressed in your fist, keeping me up all night listening to their grieving, until a new born dawn floats among the smothered air, composing an epitaph in the consolation of the forlorn words.

And oh my darling, how I pity for the weary pen that sews the letters in the sake of you, and how I envy it, oh how I wish I was a pen emptying all my heart on some white sheets until my time is through and then I could sleep in peace.


9 thoughts on “Love On Scattered Sheets

  1. i was reading this and i felt as if i was the one writing it. i feel your emotions..i love the way you express your feelings..amazing! 🙂

  2. This is amazing…. i wish i could write like you. You inspire me. I almost have the same feelings as you all the time. Its just i wish i could write them like you do.
    Your an amazing writer. 🙂

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