What If There’s No Dreams

Life can be so rough sometimes, because it stands in the way of our dreams, and to me our task in this life is to accomplish the dreams we grow inside of us, the dreams we’ve lived more than hundred times in our imagination before we close our eyes.

Tonight I put my head on the pillow, and the weirdest thought came to me, I thought about how life could always find its way to break me, hits me where it hurts the most, then I realized that my weakness resides in my dreams, and if I had no dreams life would never be able to make me suffer, there would be nothing to steal from me, simply nothing to lose, only at that moment I sensed the taste of freedom, for a brief time happiness was in my hands, and I felt like a winner for a change, an overwhelming joy lighted up my soul, the joy that life cant take away.

That pleasant time didn’t last long, a cloud of despair landed on my chest, and then I couldn’t sleep, insomnia came out to me from nowhere, turning my mind upside down, the happiness turns to depression, the power into fear, and the freedom I had turns into melancholy prison, I was stuck in that dark empty corner, thinking about tomorrow, what’s waiting for me there? Nothing interesting I’m sure, I tried to escape that corner but it kept pulling me back, throwing the tasteless joy to my face, the useless life and the delusion of happiness.

I opened my eyes, lied slowly in my bed, and with a subdued voice I whispered: “dear lord, guide me through this time of despair and lead my feet to where I shall perceive my dreams, for tomorrow I shall try again.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true is what makes life interesting” Paulo Coelho.


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