Are We Living The Illusion

Today as I was looking for some quotes to share on Echoes Facebook page, I came across a heavy philosophical question, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?! I can see the look in your faces now as you quickly respond with OF COURSE, but lets think about it for awhile, the sound is just a reflect, something we sense with the ears, but how is it to things other than ears? How do we know? What if sound is just an illusion in our minds? And if sound is illusion then light is illusion too, so if a tree fell and no one was there, not even a bird, not only it would not make a sound, but also there would be no tree.

But the thought that actually messed up my mind the most is how can we tell the difference between what’s real and what is illusion, we sleep at night having weird dreams and we know its just illusions, then we wake up and continue with reality, and it seems natural, well, what if your whole life is just another dreams? What if everything that is surrounding you exists only in your head and you deluded yourself to believe it’s real?

The thing is that I don’t have any clue about the point I’m getting to, I’m totally lost between these lines, wondering about the existence of this world, my world is what I see, so does everybody see it the same way as I do, maybe we are the rabbit in the magician’s hat, maybe we’re trying to rise above the rabbit’s fur and look into the magician’s eyes to seek for the truth, and maybe, just maybe we are actually in that hat but we can’t tell if the trick is real or just an illusion …

7 thoughts on “Are We Living The Illusion

  1. You’ll come to find that reality is mind-independent. Existence exists, and is separate from our consciousness. You’ve raised some very natural and brilliant questions. I’d like to reference you to my blog Blazing Truth with a similar topic, except I dive into an answer to the question: Is Life a Dream?

    We do not live in Wonderland.


  2. Hi Samer,

    Gotta say, this line of questioning has been around since, well, since the first realization that we weren’t a rock. It’s a cool subject, and a cool topic! I dig it personally and have been reading tons about it for years. It’s very cool.

    If you want to get an interesting look at things, start researching causal modeling. I just picked up a book last week called Causal Models by Steven Sloman. It’s good and dishing out the way people think about the world and its alternatives. Does it in a matter of fact way that is enlightening. Check it out!

    Thanks for the facebook like!


  3. There would have to be sound.. there would also be vibrations.. If you are out fort he day and you come home and your house has fallen down you KNOW that it would have made a noise 🙂 Same as the tree, even if there were no animals, there would still be an impact to the surrounding area, least of all a noise

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