Do We Have Free Will Or Is Everything Predetermined?

So I came across another heavy question today, I have become more interested in those eternal unsolved philosophical questions, I like to read as many perspectives as I can, so I can find a new way of thinking that matches mine, I believe that perusing a truth is impossible, for there is no truth, there is only what we believe its true, so the question that troubled my mind today was: do we have free will or is everything predetermined? At times it seems as everything is predetermined, but I hate the idea that what we reach wasn’t a choice of ours, for a start what do we know about the existence of this world? Did we have any intervention in the arrangements of things?

But I also believe that there must be a power of choice that we own, stray minds leading our feet to where we shall stand, but all with God’s former knowledge, I mean lets think with reason, if everything is predetermined then what’s the use of our existence as human beings, why should we be blaming all our misfortunes on fate? If you have no free will or any kind of choices then where are from this life?

In the other hand we have to admit the existence of a divine power that controls the order of our life’s matters in a way we will never understand, and without this power life would be a huge mess, for I have always believe that everything happens for a reason.

Do we have free will or is everything predetermined? We feel through this question that these two are conflict things, while in fact the existence of both forms the amazing shape of life; they both complete each others to add meaning for our life.


2 thoughts on “Do We Have Free Will Or Is Everything Predetermined?

  1. I believe that it is a little of both . Every thing has a yin and yang, good, bad so why not in this prospective. We have free will being humans but the choices we make are all ready set. Every thing in your life that you have done has led you to this point and any point after. For some reason humans or people have this idea that every thing is either all left or right, middle is just confusion but whom made that so, cause in my short time I’ve lived here and just watched people, in my opinion have a good idea of what’s going on. However choose not go against the grain, just try not to make waves. We have freewill to do that as well to make waves.

    1. i gotta agree with you in this nelly, thats life and each little choice we made had led us to where we are now, thank you for stopping by 🙂

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