The Persuit Of A Fantasy

As a kid I heard a poetry line for the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, the meaning of that line is that we only love life when we have no way to reach it, and it has always made me wonder, for it didn’t make some sense to me, I mean why would we love life if we can’t reach it? How could one enjoy life from the outside?

But now that I’m older I can understand the beauty of the outside, I can see how the forbidden life is much brighter that the one that is neglected in our hands, the greatest pleasure in life is having what we can’t get, for once we do, it would not be as pleasant as we thought.

And that’s why dreams have to be unrealistic, our desires should not be fulfilled, because the moment we reach that level, we don’t desire that desire anymore, so what I fear the most is the realizing for my dream and not otherwise, for I’m scared to lose the passion that my soul feeds on, I’m scared to lose the possibility that makes me believe in a beautiful tomorrow.

The dreams we have always inspire and guide our spirits, and here’s a true example from the real life, the Egyptian poet Ahmad Rami was crazy about the amazing Egyptian singer Um Kolthum, he used to write poems for her and she sang them, and she loved him as well, but when he asked her to marry him she refused, because if they got married, and Ahmad Rami’s dream was realized, how would he be inspired to write more poems for her!

But here I am, in the beginning of my journey, fighting hard for the dreams I have, I pray deeply to god to be blessed to get the best of what this journey is willing to offer.

2 thoughts on “The Persuit Of A Fantasy

  1. You have some wonderful realizations in what you say Samar. I agree to some extent. We have learned throughout our growth that things are seldom as wonderful as we envision them to be. We have heard the expression “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” and this can be quite true for some of us.

    But as we grow…if we welcome the growth…some incredible understandings can come to us. Namely, that this present moment is perfect. It is exactly as it should be. Sure…I see a beautiful woman or automobile or wristwatch and daydream about “how good life could be…” but I have gotten to a far more inspired place. And that place is the present moment.

    I know that the future will take care of itself, and unlike the forbidden fruit in the story you mention (the woman) I welcome all of the good things that the universe has to offer. I have learned to not be so afraid that I don’t welcome good things for fear that they will disappoint me. I know that there will be new dreams, maybe brighter dreams tomorrow.

    I have enjoyed a lot of wonderful things in this life and only a handful lived up to my optimistic expectations for them. Still…I enjoyed them fully…in their individual present moments and I will never stop pursuing them whether they leave me unfulfilled or not.

    If we operate from fear we will never grasp that golden ring that we long for. And the greatest gift of all is when you get what you were longing for and find that it’s even better than you have ever dreamed it could be. When you stay in this present moment without the past’s interference or fears of the future getting in the way…you are going to find the treasure that you seem so certain is eluding you.

    1. wow, I totally agree with everything you said Joe, the thing is that there will always be something missing in our life, so that no matter how far we reach we can still be capable of daydreaming, because that is the greatest pleasure, and as you said we should stay in this present moment without the past’s interference or fears of the future getting in the way ,, thank you 🙂

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