17 Is The Best ?!

Last night I was talking to my sister, we were talking about age and years, and she said that the age 17 is the best, because at that certain time we would be able to enjoy our unconsciousness, we would be ignorant of all the shitty things that is surrounding us, and I too agree that ignorance is a bless at times, but yet I don’t believe that 17 is the best.

Well, I think what follows 17 is what really counts, when we reach that level where we can see what’s hidden beneath the sky, and feel what’s buried in people’s hearts, for only then we will sense the true meaning of life, only then we will seek the treasure we are here to find.

So we might be most happy at the age of 17, but we are most alive afterwards, but lets not be tortured by our conscious, let us stop seeking for the meaning of happiness, and let it come to us, our life is not measured by the destinations we crossed, but rather by the moments that crossed smoothly to our hearts.

8 thoughts on “17 Is The Best ?!

  1. Well said Samar 🙂 well i think that each age has it own benefits ,opportunities ,pleasures & privilege.You can be happy as long as you want that no matter how old you are 🙂 Enjoy life as much as you can day by day,moment by moment because this moment once its gone it can not be repeated and we can not turn back time 🙂 we only live once…seize this moment, make it special ,live and enjoy it 🙂

    1. thank you tala, and i loved what u said, that is the true meaning of life and age cant define that, we only live once so we should make the best of each age we reach 🙂

  2. Hey Samar!

    Personally, I thought 25 was pretty cool. I was old enough to kind of know what was going on, and young enough to be involved with it all. But, as I’m beyond that now, I think my life is pretty damn good now, and I’m, well, not 25 anymore! I have talked with people who are in their 70s, and they say life is good then too. I think it’s all about what you make of each moment you have. Youth is a wonderful time of life, and you will always treasure your experience, but as you age, if you do it well, you will learn to treasure life as well.

    1. that is so true Dan, it’s not age that defines our life but rather what we make of each age we reach, what we build from every moment we see, and each age has its own beauty and we should get the best of it 🙂

  3. Frankly…I think that today is best. I dont really want to second guess that philosophy as any other possible answers will only leave me wishing for something other than this moment…and since this moment is all that I have, I’m gonna make it all that it can be. Plus…it doesnt hurt that it is pretty magnificent in its own right. I can make tomorrow all that I wish it to be if I choose and any possible regrets from my past can vanish as quickly as I choose to dispel them. Yeah…I think that today is pretty fantastic. I hope that you do too.

  4. first of all, well done samar, i really enjoy reading your articles, and what i like the most is the new perspective you write, and how you look to life from a new corner, but it’s really wonderful one, like today’s topic you said what follows 17 is what really counts, thats right but life isn’t measured by the success we’ve done but the moments we love, and in this very hard life it’s hard to feel happiness in this all mess, i know youth doesn’t connect to age and i dont say 17 is the youth, i just say 17 is the happiest days we’ve ever lived, at 17 we live the moment without concerns, child’s seeking a small smile or a warm hug but as soon as we grow up we’re forced to live the life with a new way, because there’s a lot of responsibilities on us, family, job, money .. etc, we will succeed sometimes and we’ll have a huge feeling of happiness but its a new one, its not the 17’s happiness.
    what follows 17 is what gives the meaning to our life but i’m a person who loves to pursuit the happiness, you can’t deny that 17 is really wonderful, oh those were the days sis 🙂

    1. thanks a lot sis ,, i understand your point and i used to believe that too, but now i’m older and i see life from a different point of view, i’m enjoy the age i am in now, i feel mature and i think i know more, i feel obliged to go with my ambition which is a very big responsibility, but i cant stop thinking of the great happiness that will fill my heart the minute i will be just a little closer for watching a dream coming true, that is the true meaning of life, to see that you are living for a reason, and you have a unique personality, to me this is how we can enjoy life the most, 17 is a happy age because we are so immature and we enjoy the ignorance that’s in us, but even if we were most happy at that time i dont believe that we were really alive .. 🙂

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