What If There is No Money ?!

People are always saying that money is not important, but I ask them if it wasn’t for money, where will you be at this moment, and what will you be doing, how come we say that money is not important when it has become the main factor for living. We pay in each step we take, and we are incapable to move without it, and so I ask myself, what if there was no money? What if this material had never existed? And without any second thoughts I can say that life will be much much better.

I once watched a documentary movie called Zeitgeist, and I got so depressed after watching it, to see how we were fooled in such way, I just realized that each crisis that has accrued in this world was caused by money, people are fighting, countries are fighting, three wars of the United States during the twentieth century were waged purely for economic gain by what the film refers to as “international bankers”, they engineered certain events to excuse their entries into war.

What a shame that we are controlled by this worthless material, creating distances between people, standing in the way to our pleasure, plants greed in our hearts and no matter how plenty we own we are still hungry for more.

So if these little papers have never existed into out world, don’t you think we would have some peace? Maybe a little love too, or maybe just maybe we would see a slight of happiness.

2 thoughts on “What If There is No Money ?!

  1. Yes life would be much better if we forget about money!! …but unfortunately we live in a material world, full of greed , many want to take but never to give…to collect more money makes us forget how to live,how to be happy. Money is not everything, you can not buy happiness , you can not buy good health , you can not buy love…Money is not everything.

    1. money is not everything, i agree with you, but in this world it has become the main factor for living, and that is the sad thing, it’s that money is what actually controls everything even us ..

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