What If There Is No Facebook?!

Well, everybody keeps saying it to me, and I have to admit it, I’m so addicted to Facebook, I really can’t imagine how would my life be without it, sometimes when I’m talking to people who don’t have Facebook accounts, they start telling me that Facebook is boring and it’s just a waste of time, but you know what? I never listen to those people from outside Facebook, I don’t even comment on what they say, and what’s even sillier is when they actually try to poke me, please don’t act as if you’re a Facebook-dude .. you’re not, and you’re not cool.

Personally, I think that Facebook is a bit bigger than this, Facebook has turned from a small website into this magnificent huge world, Facebook is just a waste of time? Seriously do you see people socializing in the real world (as they call it) the way they socialize in here? Do they treat you nicely the way you are treated in Facebook comments? Does anybody actually like what you say there? Can you unfriend a guy who keeps annoying you and pissing you off in your real world? And where is that block button when you really need it?!

Ok honestly, with all jokes aside, to me Facebook is my other home, it opened many gates to a different and beautiful world, and I should be grateful for this site for it has introduced me to some amazing and precious friends, friends that add sweet meaning to my life, through this place I formalized a new character, new thoughts, a new different kind of knowledge, and not to mention “Echoes”, another dream of mine coming true through Facebook.

Well, I believe that life wouldn’t be the same without Facebook, we would have missed so much, and I’m so  happy that I’m in this generation, and I don’t mind saying that I’m addicted to it, I’m addicted to the sweet people who live their, I’m addicted to this lovely place which makes me jump as I open my eyes into my computer to check on it, so how would life be if there is no Facebook? Well, I don’t want to think about it.

4 thoughts on “What If There Is No Facebook?!

  1. Yep i admit it too, i am addicted to Facebook! I totally agree with your words, Facebook has been a wonderful vehicle for me to meet new people, learn, share and grow. Cant say you would find that reading the paper or gossip magazines! So yes if the worst of my life is that i am addicted to Facebook (considering all the other things people are addicted to in this world) then i think i am doing ok ❤

  2. Well written Samar. I will conced that nothing takes the place of looking in somebody eyes as they speak to you or you to them. Nothing will take the place of non-verbal communication. And nothing…NOTHING will ever take the place of the human touch. But Facebook is a wonderful vehicle for sharing wonderful ideas and making new friends.

    Can you imagine if we could put a price on how much good advice has been given on Facebook? In all the centuries that we have walked this earth I have a hunch that not as much quality information has been shared from one person to another as a day online. That is a wonderful thing to recognize!

    Live and love well today.

    1. thank you Joe, and I totally agree with you, Facebook has took us to a new different level, to a new way for life, and I really enjoy being a part of that world 🙂

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