Somewhere We Don’t Know

Beneath this gloomy sky, I can feel the warmth of that shy sun hiding between the clouds, while sick breezes of hope ached the loneliness the dwells in the heart, mercilessly burned the only memory that’s left of tomorrow, and I .. I was just trying to smell the air of the eclipsed dawn, trying to breathe what is remained to breathe till I cross the finish line.

And a touch of grief brought tears to the eye, seeing the life that had been shrouded in somewhere else, oh, what have I missed! What have I missed in this cruel land!

So many joys I saw that never were mine, so many pains that bruised my nights, yet I never thought they will be mine, and still I yearn for a life I believe exists in somewhere we don’t know.

And so I closed my eyes beneath the wings of night, departing away, forsaking my deluded dreams, burying my soul with the ashes of love and life, with all the dust of what is left behind, sleeping silently as if no one will ever know that I was here in somewhere they don’t really know.


4 thoughts on “Somewhere We Don’t Know

  1. This is very sad and heartfelt, hard describe what you must be going through, emotionally.
    This is a great peice and excellent work. I must say you are a P.O.E.T ( people of extroadinary talent)

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