Who Are You?!

Lately I have been reading a book called “Sophie’s World” I think you heard about it or even read it, it’s the story of a 15 years old girl named Sophie who starts to get some mysterious letters from an anonymous philosopher, and each letter contains a very strange question, the first letter had the question “Who Are You?”, and I couldn’t help but wonder about it, what if I had been asked such question? As silly as this question may seem, the answer for it would not be found so easily, it’s not like I don’t know who I am, but the thing is that who I am wasn’t a choice of mine, I may have chosen my friends, I may have developed my thoughts, but what I am now is what I got stuck in the minute I was born, I mean what if my name wasn’t Samar, what if I have been called something else, would I be the same person I am now? Well, never mind, I have something else troubling my mind too, and that is what am I doing here?

You keep living day after day after day, sleeping at night then wake up the next morning, and there is a sun that rises up from nowhere, spreading light all over a sky that floats among the air, and we think it’s natural, doesn’t anyone stop for a moment and say: isn’t this a little bit strange?! Isn’t it strange that you are standing on this ground, and a cat walking right next to you? When did this world become a habit?

It’s a shame that our day-to-day issues had stopped us from thinking on the greater cause, from wondering about the main issue, which is our existence, there is something bigger that we are missing in this world, something we are relieved to take for granted, and this must stop, I want to gaze into the horizon and see what is beyond the sky, I want to take my mind and soul to the next level, and understand that I am here for a reason and that reason is to live my life to the fullest regardless of who I am or where I live.


12 thoughts on “Who Are You?!

  1. once I was wondering who am I and searching throw the materialistic life, I couldn’t find, until I realized that I am a worshiper for God (Allah), then I felt so happy so glad
    try this way . . . (ya 5ali)

  2. who am i?? actually i don’t know 😦
    i lost my all hopes of living, life is not fair with me..
    living like a dead soul..

    @ artical

    you have very very beautiful mind and words…

  3. This is Fabulous Samar !! I am 22 and this question has always been a source of inspiration , to me , when i zm thinking of it , i can reach many answers and Open another dimension of topics …

    1. thank you Amir, this question has so many answers and each one leads us to a different kind of topics, the point is to have our own unique sort of thinking and our own beliefs 🙂

  4. amazing i feel exactly the same i want to see the bigger picture, i am living my life trying to spread god love and light x

    1. thank you Rebecca, i hope you find your way to reach the place where you can see the bigger picture, it’s all in our minds and we see only what we choose to see 🙂

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