Hallucinations Of A Troubled Soul

Read through my lips, and listen well to the look in my eyes, I can see through you and seek among your veins for what is lost in me, guided am I by your deception, and thankful still I for the prejudice that resides in you, cross that deadly line then look behind, will I be there or am I just always step ahead of you? Read what’s between the lines and hear my voice in your soul, keeping you hypnotized by the delusion you have built in me, keeping you angry for the hope you have poisoned me, and this attitude towards you is just a previous reflection of a dream you have accomplished in me.

The rhythm of your heart beats in my mind, isolating my fantasies, cursing my limits, for the wicked in you had reincarnated what is missing in me, and only that is left is what I lost, and all that I lost was just a reckless piece of your imaginary.

I am only the illusion of reality, I am the voice of reason, I am the diseased dreamer, the sick hope you thought you can heal, and I am only comforting your desire of peace that has never existed in a place we call life.


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