Moments Like These

Sail across my seas; caress the tender breeze that landed wildly on my cheeks, for the lovely tune of your voice made the tipsy heart of mine beats cheerfully on the rhythm of your words, and the delicate accent of love crawled out timidly through my lips, singing hymns of joy for the weary heart you simply have recreated in me.

And so I close my eyes waiting for our sweet moments to flash upon my eyes, and yet I find myself still dreaming of you, my dear beloved, I find myself anxious for the yesterday more than I am for tomorrow, running and chasing time only to steal one moment of you, praying heavily to God to make a lifetime of this tiny little moment.

And if moments like these only exist in dreams; if moments like these can never be in reach, then I would happily live all my life just in the sake of a dream I don’t see myself sleeping without.



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