What If I Was An Alien ?!

Well, I’m having some weird moments at this time, the world strikes to me a little odd, I wish I could remember what was the first thought that came to my mind the minute I was brought to this life, and here comes to me this funny quote I once read “when I was born I was so surprised that I didn’t speak for a year and a half” ironically it does make some sense, for example, if an alien or an outsider creature comes to this planet and see this astonish place, the trees and roses that fill in earth as one would picture a magical place, a shining sun floating all over a blue sky, human-beings walking in the streets not knowing the miracle they are in, well, never mind, what would you do if you found out that there are livings on another planet? Doesn’t that seem as mysterious as the planet we’re living in? Have you ever thought that you’re an alien yourself? But that’s the sad thing in us, the world has become a habit to us that we started to take it for granted long time ago, we sleep at night ignoring the fact that we just might not wake up the next day, unaware that one day we will die, what a pity that some people go through all their life without releasing the treasure they’ve been given, the treasure of being alive, people don’t feel that unless they get seriously ill, when they watch death chasing them so closely they can understand how rich life is, do we need to wait for that? To me, the day this world becomes a habit is the day we die.

I suddenly feel like I’m a doll that been brought to this fairytale land mysteriously, the world seems different to me now, well, what if I was an alien, maybe I am, I am lucky I was born, lucky to witness such miracle, lucky for each tomorrow I get, it’s a precious gift I’m not planning to waste.

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