Among The Ashes Of My Days

Wake up to smell the air of yesterday, where all hopes subside to light some tears on an ached memory, and hearts shall weep … And hearts shall weep for the amputated spirit, staining my clear conscious with the dust of the morrow, forsaking my wounded passion that used to had me embraced in the delightful warmth of a life that seemed to be so far away, and still I gaze upon the sky, greeting the utopia that constantly kept me enslaved, seeking for the me that had always been lost in you.

Wake up to kiss the rotting paradise that you have built with the crumbs of your dreams, where you’ve been fooled to believe in the birth of a new day, and ayes shall bleed … and ayes shall bleed for the treasonable destiny, cursing my collapsed dreams that I have dared to dream, awakening the lifeless in me beneath the filthy shadow of a life that is yet to shine.

Wake up and open your eyes, yesterday has gone, and all that is left is yet to be buried with the pleasant oblivion, and all that I am, is still missing among the ashes of my days.


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