Cursed To Love You

Turn around and feel the pain that is left to be unhealed, turn around and embrace the dead that is released in me, shed a tear and kiss the wound you have conceded, confess me my losses which apt to be your sins, hold my broken pieces tightly enough to repress the fear, I am only a fool to pursue a myth I thought resides in you, fool to proceed my doomed journey towards the agony I found in you, and with all these sorrows and all the misty woes, I think I’m cursed enough to still be in love with you.

I dared to breathe and I even dared to sail among the raging waves, I wept for the shattered heart and left up my head to smell the smothered air, I wept for the soul that I had coated beneath the shadow of the shrouded hope, I wept for you and I damned the foolish in me that drift the tears for you, for I have crossed the road, doomed enough to keep on living without you, cursed enough to still be fine when I’m not around you.


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