What Is The Meaning Of Life?!

Day in and day out we seem to go through our lives and we can’t help but wonder, why are we here? And what is the purpose of it all? Thoughts like these had always kept me up all night, seeking for the meaning of our journey in this life, how it takes us unconsciously to where it goes, but never will we be able to figure that out, because the meaning of life is bigger than all our thoughts, and deeper than what our minds seem to reach, the meaning of life is what hides within our souls, it’s not what we look at but what we aspire to see, it’s not how far we reach but rather how far we dare to dream.

And I came to realize that life is too short to spend it on trying to explore the meaning of it, too short to waste our happiness while we’re trying to pursue it, so stop for awhile and look around you, your life is full of precious chances, it’s full of smiles and tears that you have to experience, and with each tear we shed a brighter smile is waiting to explain it all to you, not everything in our life might make sense to us but in a perfect way it completes the circle.

So what I think is that we should stop thinking about where did we come from or where are we going, because that is not what really matters, what matters is what’s in between, the destination we cross, the moments that formalize our life as best as it can be, the moments that took our breaths away, and that is the true meaning of life, to enjoy, to laugh, to love, to cry, to dream, to hope, to live your life to the fullest with all the energy and ambition that God has created in you.

“Man asked God: ‘please give me everything to enjoy life’ God replied: ‘I have given you life to enjoy everything” … so always be thankful and embrace your life deep down in your heart.



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