Why Must Good Things Come To An End?!

As I was lying in bed last night trying to sleep, glimpses of old beautiful memories flashed before my eyes, and as happy as I was it had brought some tears to my eye, thinking to myself, why must good things come to an end? And I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that life had to steal from us, taking away all the joy and pleasure, forcing us to go on roads obliged to follow the crowd, but we never seem to like it, and the more we reach the more we lose, and even if we stood still, all that’s around us will have to leave in a certain time, leaving us only weary hearts that beat to miss.

They keep on saying that this is how life goes, people come and people go, but some of them won’t leave until they stick their magnificent touch into our hearts, turning life upside down, pushing us closer to the world of meanings, and making lovely sense out of a meaningless life, but after all we can enjoy such precious moments only in our heads.

Well, I guess this is how life goes indeed, and I comforted myself for as good things must come to an end so will bad things too, for in the end of each tear there shines a new smile, and after each farewell there comes a new hello, so no matter how harder it gets, and how badly it aches our hearts, just the possibility of having it all one more time makes it worth the pain.



5 thoughts on “Why Must Good Things Come To An End?!

  1. Think of it like this : It has to come to an end so a new good thing can come ^_^…
    Plus when It ends It doesn’t just vanish ,it leaves a good warm memories in our minds,and thinking of that memories will mean the world to us in hard times. 8->.

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