The Lovely Side Of My Life

Last night before I sleep I decided to make a special request post for the amazing people and supporters at Echoes page on Facebook, so I asked them there what would they like me to write about for today, and friendship got the most votes, so today’s morning I was preparing myself to write about friendship, thinking it would be very easy but it’s not, I felt as if I’m writing to all my friends, and no matter what I wrote it didn’t seem enough, how can I speak for all the silly moments that kept us laughing for hours? How can I mention the many time I felt like isolating myself from the whole world and I found my dear ones finding a place beside me in my little dark spot? What can I say about the people who have seen me at my worst and still they loved me anyway?

Well, I think we all understand and appreciate the essence of friendship deep down inside, and we always enjoy the sweet taste that it leaves to our souls, and that’s why it seems hard to talk about it, because certain things will remain sweeter when we keep it hidden tight in our hearts, not to ruin its beauty with the imperfect words, such pleasures must be left unspoken and only friends can hear what they don’t say.

So I don’t know what you guys are expecting to see in this article today, but I don’t think that you will find what you want to hear in here, what you need to know is already inside of you; the true meaning of friendship is the character that your friends had formalized in you, it’s the lovely tune that life seemed to rhyme since you’ve known them,   for as I am writing this article at the moment I am chatting with some of my best friends and they made the words flowing out of my lips so easily, and I am thankful and always will be for my friends who had brought out the best in me and showed me the best in this life.


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