A Note For My Echoes

I have come to realize that every person I have met is a part of who I am, the people we meet formalize our characters, and the closer we become the more they change in us, that’s why they tell you not to surround yourself with negative people, because they will affect you, their poisoned thoughts will most likely penetrates your lost mind, so always be careful for whom to open your heart, but in the other hand I know too that I am a part of everyone I meet, and so I promised myself not to be a negative influence to anyone, I have always aspired to leave a unique mark to others hearts and let them be inspired, in fact that was one of the reasons I had to start this blog, trying my best to reach as many people as possible, hoping to inspire at least one person with my words, and indeed I did, and you can not imagine the happiness that will fill your heart the minute you do, it has added a very sweet meaning to all that I’m doing, and I am very happy and proud for all that I have reached within these two months, and that is due to your support, for I have noticed that Echoes is about to have 6,000 viewers so far, so thank you for honoring my work.

So always remember to surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you, and always try to see the best in those you love and never give up on them for they never did on you, don’t assume that you know what they want … ask them, and don’t assume that they know what you want … tell them, and I assure you that they will be there for you.

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