She …

And oh how she smiles as I lay my words upon her eyes, uplifting my heart to a paradise I only knew through her, summarizing my life in a love note that is terrified to be stolen within the unkind days, running before time takes our dreams apart, and so I will hold her tight till forever protects the hopes we jangle before the sunrise, and hearts shall dance on the rhythm of love, and love shall shine among the creepy shadows of night, blessing the tickled dreams with our kisses till tomorrow sets upon the drowsy eyes.

And oh how she sleeps like an angel dressed in the tune of innocence, jiggling the tipsy heart that beats with the breezes of her beauty, and if only love promises to stay then all the dust of life would be misguided to break us apart, repressed is my fear, caressed by the tender look of your eyes, for all that I see in you is all that I’ve ever dreamt, and all that is you is all what I will keep on dreaming.

And God, oh God, let her sleep forever in my arms, and let me sing the love that flows from her lips, let her bright my tomorrow with the twinkles of her glory, or take me where she will always be.

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