Sometimes Life Sucks !!

Every night as we lay our heads to the pillow we intend to give new promises for tomorrow, we insist to feed our broken dreams no matter how often we got betrayed by the injustice of time, and no matter how down we felt, no matter how hopeless it seemed, there is always that glimpse of light that burns within to give birth for a new day, well, sometimes life sucks, sometimes we are obliged to sacrifice everything, we let go of certain people, we let go of certain pleasures and sometime we even let go of some dreams, and yet life never seem to go the way we expect, the day you get up with the wrong mood nothing else seems to go right all day, a day from hell brings out the worst in us and sets the sun on our collapsed hopes.

And so one more night we cry out our troubled heart on the lonesome pillow, seeking for a little consolation in the upcoming day, feeding the ashes of our dreams, fixing the misfit pieces together to formulate a shining view beyond all the imperfections of our lives, for what I have come to realize is that the imperfect pieces that we seem to miss are what make our life complete, crying to laugh, fighting to survive and dying to live, well, sometimes it is a just a bad day.

19 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Sucks !!

  1. needless to say U R JUST AMAZING!:)

    Well bads and goods are part of life… always good days will make the life boring and bad days will make life complicated..:) That is why God grant us this mixture of both the things!:)

  2. So true Samar 🙂 i love it hun. We have to live life to the fullest! Through Bad comes good..

    Thumbs Up & well said as usual

  3. Indeed, those bad awful moments or moods we get in are a part of our life, our being, that makes us complete.. Very deep and real article.. I definitely like realism… Namaste ❤

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