The Night Visitor

Beneath these chaotic shadows of light, a gloomy night sprinkles peace unto souls, and as I was longing to sweep among all the nightmares and sleep, I found myself in the company of the dear night visitor, reminding me of who I used to be, pushing me back to all that is lost and all that was never meant to be, oh friend, yesterday has gone and I am left with the hope of tomorrow, let me sleep and happiness shall seek its way towards me, so far away from this bleak night there is a life exists for me my friend, and tomorrow it shall begin.

“Breathe” he whispered to my ear, “the night is young and tomorrow is yet to come, oh my little girl, how foolish was I to let you be conceived, your withered eyes have spoken, they have wailed for the sorrow that dwelled for so long and never it seemed to be washed away with all the tears, and all the hopes of tomorrow won’t help you sleep tonight, tomorrow had sailed my friend, and as your eyelashes hug each other once again you shall see the truth that is reflected in me, sleep my little girl, don’t weep, tomorrow is just another lie to comfort your diseased dreams, sleep my little girl, oh why should you sleep! Open your eyes, cry out your burdened heart, the night is young and tomorrow I shall come again”.

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