What Makes Us Happy

All the people on this planet are chasing and seeking a magical place called happiness, some people had already got there, some are on their way, while others are still misguided where they stand.

And so the pursuit of a long lasting happiness has been a matter of interest to many scientists, what does make us happy? And what are the benefits of happiness? And the results were very striking.

Scientists from the University of Illinois have discovered that people who are happy and positive about life live healthier and longer, they found clear and compelling evidence that happiness is the key for a better health and longer lifespan, and also that anxiety, depression and pessimism were linked to higher rates of disease and shorter lifespan.

And now the question that we all going to ask is where does happiness come from, the researches found some astonishing factors:

1-      Happiness is eating a family meal at least 3 times a week because it builds a strong bond between parents and their children, for children who grow up in this traditions are more likely to be happy in their lives.

2-      Married couples mostly find happiness in their relationship, and the study also shows that happiest relationships are those less than 5 years old.

3-      Names can define how happy we are, this does seem a little unfair, for a choice like this predict our happiness from the day we born, study shows that people called Judy and Joshua enjoy life the most, Pauline seems to be the most miserable, people called Mark and Ruth smile the most while Frank and Pauline smile the least. And here I agree with Dr Holmes when he said: “names are like products brands in having a powerful effect on attitudes and should therefore be chosen with care”.

4-       Happiness begins at 50, a study found that stress, anger and worry seem to fade out after the age of 50, “You would think as chronic illness threatens life would get worse but that is not the case because people don’t focus on the threats, they focus on the good things in life like family and friends.” Dr Arthur Stone said.  And so according to this study our happy life begins in our 50th.

5-      Money is not the key of happiness, while money is the most important thing and what actually makes the world go round it is not the key to happiness, even though other studies found that money could be a key to happiness, because after all if u spend it wisely it leads to happiness.

But anyway, happiness wasn’t just a place of our imagination, but also it is very easy to get yourself there, no matter how things got ugly in your way, and the earlier factors weren’t on your side, don’t forget the real and main factor for happiness, which is you, be happy .. Live longer.


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