Autumn Of Feelings

In depth of sorrow I’m able to smile Blind men may not see .. Deafs may hear no voice But darkness is bright every once in awhile And silence in sometimes might be too noise So as the sun wipes the darkness of night So is my sadness wipes tears in my eye

Cursed To Love You

Turn around and feel the pain that is left to be unhealed, turn around and embrace the dead that is released in me, shed a tear and kiss the wound you have conceded, confess me my losses which apt to be your sins, hold my broken pieces tightly enough to repress the fear, I am … More Cursed To Love You

Moments Like These

Sail across my seas; caress the tender breeze that landed wildly on my cheeks, for the lovely tune of your voice made the tipsy heart of mine beats cheerfully on the rhythm of your words, and the delicate accent of love crawled out timidly through my lips, singing hymns of joy for the weary heart … More Moments Like These