Are You Happy ?!

I was once watching an episode of Fraiser, a comedy series that I love so much, and there is this scene when Fraiser’s brother asked him a question, very simple but the most complicated though, he asked him: are you happy with your life? And it took him so much to answer, and few days … More Are You Happy ?!

What Is Life ?!

Once again the sun shines over the troubled souls, and I gazed through the window to steal a moment of the marvelous view where the sun penetrates the pale sky, I have to say that it actually relieved my ached heart, putting me through a new kind of joy that I have never tasted before, … More What Is Life ?!

Spiritual Healing

In two minutes the clock will hit 3AM, and here I am, unable to sleep, enjoying the quite midnight, listening to Beethoven’s classical music, classical music has always been a great inspiration to me, it describes the indescribable, it speak a language that only the heart could understand. Beethoven has truly inspired me, not only … More Spiritual Healing

Music Saves Lives !

Heavy metal music, well known of its thick massive sound, the extended guitar solos, emphatic beats and overall loudness, heavy metal music is not the kind of music that most people like, its not easy to listen to, the rhythm is so complicated and the lyrics are mostly melancholic, some people may find it irritating … More Music Saves Lives !