What If I Am Someone Else ?!

People always tell you not to go wherever life takes us but you take life wherever you wish to go, but I have never believed in this, because no matter how strong we are, circumstances will always rule us, and sometimes we are compelled to go on roads we didn’t want to walk but still we have to, and I used to curse the circumstances that threw me in some ugly places, but as I grew up and turned to be the person I am, I comforted myself with the consolation that every tough road that I took had only made me this character that I am, and I believe that it’s my gift.

But sometimes I wonder what if I was someone else, if I had been born somewhere else, in a different family, with different friends, I would have been completely different person, maybe I would be in a better place with a much better life but I wouldn’t be having this character and I wouldn’t be the same, and ironically I started to like those ugly moments, thankful for all the difficulties that had created me, for implanting some marvelous dreams in my heart, and just working for the possibility to have those dreams coming true makes my life such a wonderful place.

Now it comes to my mind a phrase that I have heard from Denny Crane in Boston Legal, and I liked to end my post with it.

Well, it’s fun being me, is it fun being you?

5 thoughts on “What If I Am Someone Else ?!

  1. i keep wondering how do you come up with such ideas to write about , i am not just saying it to be nice i really mean it,, ennooo HOW!!!
    and i am stealing the quote 😛

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