Music Saves Lives !

Heavy metal music, well known of its thick massive sound, the extended guitar solos, emphatic beats and overall loudness, heavy metal music is not the kind of music that most people like, its not easy to listen to, the rhythm is so complicated and the lyrics are mostly melancholic, some people may find it irritating or even repulsive, while to others its a drug they have to get all the time in order for them to go along with their lives, but to me its a very inspiring music that I have to enjoy every now and then.

A 13 years Old Norwegian boy, a fan of this music that ended up saving his life from wolves’ attack, who would’ve thought of music as a weapon to protect one’s life, the boy has avoided getting attacked by playing a song for the famous thrash metal band Megadeth on his mobile phone.

The incident took place in the central Norwegian municipality of Rakkestad, the boy was returning home from school until he found himself facing 4 wolves that appeared in his way home, he said he has been told that when being attacked by wolves he shouldn’t run away, but attack, he knew that, he kept walking playing the song that saved his life on his mobile, and so the wolves got scared by the heavy noise that was coming from the boy’s mobile phone, went away leaving him in peace.

This bizarre incident had only increased my respect for this music, for as funny as it may seem good music always guide its fans to peaceful places.

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