Will You Give Me A Second Chance ?

It seems to me that life is walking by us faster than ever lately, and I started to see this life as one huge chance that we only get once, some take pretty good advantage of it, while others just take it for granted, some are watching their lives walking by and it just doesn’t matter to them, while others never follows until it’s too late, and once you miss this chance you will lose everything that is left except for a little pale light that we call hope, believing that tomorrow shall spread some peace upon our souls and guide our feet to pursue a fantasy of a second chance.

But the harsh truth is that there is no second chance and never will be, but there is hope, and hope is what we build up from the falling pieces, hope is closing your eyes, knowing that a sun will arise beneath all the misfortunes, and a divine grace will penetrate your broken window to whisper a new day for your heart, so wake up and open your eyes, you have missed your chance but it’s never too late to follow the lost moments and make some new memories.

4 thoughts on “Will You Give Me A Second Chance ?

  1. Too true
    It is inspiring and awakening
    As i was reading I got a really true advise !!
    Love all your posts !!!
    ~Life is Beautiful. Love. Laugh. Live.

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