Marijuana In The Air

I have reached to a certain place in my life that I feel I don’t really understand myself anymore, two days ago I was terribly depressed for no reason, finding no meanings for my life in whatsoever, repulsing people away from me for the angriness and the negativity that I had, and today I find myself with an overwhelming happiness that fills my heart, singing in joy and laughing out loud over the silliest reasons, in fact I find myself in this spot so many times, where each tiny thing I see seems hilariously funny, when you gaze into your friends eyes or with your family and you just can’t hold yourself together as you’re laughing so insanely.

And trust me when I say that whenever you find yourself in that place, remember that it would be one of the greatest moments in your life, your friends will never stop teasing you about it and you will never get rid of it, the minute that crazy laughing begins you find yourself facing so many hilarious questions, “what have you been drinking” or “what have you been smoking” and “it seems to me that you forgot to take the pill today” and it just makes things even funnier, clapping your hands, hitting on your legs and swinging your head down to the floor because it just took your breath away, but the most beautiful thing about it is when you drag your friends to that place you’re in, and see that you have cheered them up and oh how happy they seem even if it’s just for a moment.

So I guess there is a certain kind of Marijuana in the air, a bless which God spreads for us every once in awhile to ease some pain, to forget all the troubles and the burdens and laugh them out, a moment to dance in the air feeling free from all the chains of life.

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