A Fantasy Called Life

I can still hear your voice within the chaotic silence, and I can still feel your touch from behind the wall, oh life, how far are you and yet I can still see your beauty beneath the gloomy sky, and oh, how close are you and yet you seem never to be mine, yearning to walk in roads I have never been, longing to be in a place that never existed, and still I dream of you my lost paradise among all the nightmares of earth, among all the devils and all the filthy shadows of the real world.

But it was just a fantasy, the wall is closed and the dream fades behind the curtains of hope, and life .. I think it still exists but not within reach, resides on a land regardless of all the written borders, and I ask myself is there anybody there? And do they know about us? Have they ever heard about the livings on this lifeless place? But sometimes I myself doubt my existence, sometimes I think I am just another ghost floating around this earth seek of a fantasy we have heard of, a fantasy called life.

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