What Is Life ?!

Once again the sun shines over the troubled souls, and I gazed through the window to steal a moment of the marvelous view where the sun penetrates the pale sky, I have to say that it actually relieved my ached heart, putting me through a new kind of joy that I have never tasted before, and I couldn’t help but wonder about it, what is the secret and what is the purpose of it all?

Sometimes I find myself lost within these days, trying to figure out my mission here, what is it that I’m trying to reach and why does it sadden me? Why am I compelled to feel sorry for the missing pieces of my life and why does it bother me? It is so ironic how we are proud to say that nobody is perfect and still we are dying to nail just a little perfection, is this what life is about? Pursuing the forbidden pleasure and wailing for it?

The weird thing is that whenever we are facing a terrible crisis we find our selves with the consolation of “that’s life” but we never hear that in our success and happy moments, why do we always feel that life is unfair and that it owes so much for us? I’m starting to believe the contrary, and maybe when we stop describing it and chasing its meaning we might find ourselves truly alive.

Life is journey that we have to go through, and with each missing piece there is a memory to spice up the days, and with each pleasant one there are laughters to decorate the journey, and no matter how long was the destination we have crossed, the pieces of our life will never be complete and the journey goes on.

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