Love Within The Unkind Days

Beyond all the unkind days of my life, I shall seek for comfort within your words, whisper a bit of hope into my ears, and seal a bit of inspiration with a gentle kiss, sing to me the true hymn of love, and let the burdened heart dance on the rhythm of your tune, oh my darling how cruel were the days and how close they still seem to be, keep me in the warmth of your love away from all the unfaithful days, and let the joyful moments sow its grace upon the misguided souls.

So scared still I to see the dream goes further steps beyond our reach, when all we seem to have are merely some misty shadows of a wasted dream, embrace my pain and save me from the cruelty of this ruthless world, keep the dream within your hands and never let go of the lonesome heart, oh my darling, all the grieves and all the sorrows seems to vanish away as I see you close to me, giving birth to all the ashes of my life that faded within the unkind days.

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