Lies We Like To Believe

People are always proud to talk about how they dream of a world full of honesty and integrity, and they show their disgust for the world which had become a home of lies, but why should we feel ashamed about it? Sometimes a tiny little lie could be our only consolation, and we wish to hear it for the most trusted friend, that’s right, good friends will lie to you whenever you need it, whenever you feel down and the wind blows into your face, they will lie to you and you should not be offended, and you should thank them for that.

We need some clean lies to go through this shitty world, and sometimes we find some beauty in the absence of truth, and seeking for a truth is a pleasure we won’t be having if it wasn’t for certain lies, feeling that you have been kept in the dark and the doubt is feeding on your mind bring a joyful taste for the truth.

Well, I too sometimes dream of a little honesty and truth in this world, but I believe that there is a wise reason for their absence, maybe the truth is a little overrated, maybe it’s something that we just can’t handle, sometimes we need to hear some comforting words regardless of how true they are, we need to hear that we will be ok and the world is still fine, we need to hear that we are strong and we are capable to fight all the obstacles, sometimes we need a pat on the shoulder and someone whispering to us that it’s ok to feel this way, it’s just a phase and it shall pass.


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