Are You Happy ?!

I was once watching an episode of Fraiser, a comedy series that I love so much, and there is this scene when Fraiser’s brother asked him a question, very simple but the most complicated though, he asked him: are you happy with your life? And it took him so much to answer, and few days ago I found myself in the same position, I was talking to my sister on the phone and all of a sudden she asked me if I was happy in my life, and I don’t know why but I answered so quickly with yes I am, in that exact moment I felt that my life is beautiful and I have no reason to feel unhappy, even though I complain a lot and always looking to life with a negative view, and that is why it was a shock to me.

And now I see myself thinking about happiness, how to find it, am I really a happy person or not, and what is happiness in the first place, if you ask a poor man he would answer with money, if you ask a hungry man he would answer with bread, and if you ask a lonely man his answer would be people and friends, and that is how it goes, we always believe that happiness exists in what is missing, you think to yourself if only I could afford to buy that car I would be a happy man, well someone else did and look at him he’s not happy too, he is missing something else, maybe something you already had.

That’s why they say happiness is not having what you want but rather wanting what you have, there will always be a missing piece in your life and you will always delude yourself to believe that all the happiness in life exists there, but I assure you even if you nailed that missing piece you still won’t be a happy man.

Well, I guess life is a little strange, sometimes in my darkest hours I find myself feeling happy for a little while, maybe when I’m talking to a friend or a close one, I feel happy with all the pain and sorrows that surrounds me, and sometimes in my most happy hours I find myself tempted to cry, I can go on and on talking about it for hours but I won’t be able to give you a straight answer, because I don’t really know how can a man be 100% happy, maybe happiness is just a word that we had created to give ourselves a motive to keep on living, something to pursue, something that will make us feel alive.

2 thoughts on “Are You Happy ?!

  1. Samar I learnt in my course that Happiness is just an abstract term.. It is a word made to define a certain feeling but it doesn’t exist in reality! 🙂 and we keep chasing for something which doesn’t exist!:)

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