Magical Drug

Well, it’s getting late and I probably should go to sleep now, so many yawns on my face with the fact that I can’t open my eyes, but still and for no reason I feel like staying here for awhile, I’m having some moments of peace at this quite hour at midnight, listening to some … More Magical Drug

Turn Off Your TVs

This is another great speech from the legendary movie “The Network”, this speech will influence you and awaken you, that is what we all need to hear to open our eyes to the real truth .. let these words inspire you .. Edward George Ruddy died today! Edward George Ruddy was the Chairman of the … More Turn Off Your TVs

Life Is Too Short

I love those stupid moments when you get up jumping out of bed, turn the music on so loud that you can’t hear your voice singing, dancing insanely on a silly song you don’t even like, is this just a mood or are you simply happy? Maybe we have become slaves to our moods, maybe … More Life Is Too Short

The Winner Posts

Last night I asked you which is easier and healthier to do, to forgive or to forget, and your answers had been really inspiring and true, you all agreed that we must forgive in order to forget and live comfortable and happy, and today I have picked two winners, the first one was by Lisa … More The Winner Posts