Life Is Beautiful

There are times in life we reach for a certain state of mind to realize that all the meanings of our lives had vanished within our daily misfortunes, we seem to believe that we have reached the end and now is the time to stop, looking forward tomorrow with the hopeless eyes, lying in bed with no dreams to occupy the night, I have reached this place so many times that I’m quite sure now it was never the end.

But there are always some mysterious sparks in life that light our spirits one more time, giving birth to a new day that is anxious for our implanted dreams, and then life seems wonderful again, it pulls us back in the game with so many hopes and enthusiasms, for the night is only dark before the dawn, and no matter how down we went there is always something to pull us up, and when we reach the edge we tie a knot and hang in there because we still believe that there is something in life worth to stay for.

It’s funny how life can delude us so easily, and show us how silly we can be at times; we curse our life thinking that we shouldn’t be here anymore, and with a tiny spark all our dreams burns up, pushing us to hang on to it with all that is left, and we smile thinking that life is beautiful again, well, that is how it has always been but we just missed it.


6 thoughts on “Life Is Beautiful

  1. I am attracted to heart-breakers.
    & friends with backstabbers.
    Sometimes i feel like i have no one.
    And like giving up…
    But i have learned, you have to keep going..
    because no matter what happens.
    something better will come out of it !

    1. everything happens for a reason, and there’s a reason for every obstacle we face, that is a part of the plan which God has made for us, and he always chooses the best even if it didn’t see like it 🙂

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