Brutal Salvation

sip that blood .. fill thy melancholic heart
bandage my deep wounds then dig me a grave
may my life begin if I shall depart
for the mortuary life had me enslaved
and my conscious mind cursed his sanity
scattered am I among those frosty dreams
to proceed my road for eternity
and satirise the life I won’t redeem
so tolerate my sin .. accept my wrath
for in this perfect world am incomplete
survived by death .. anxious for my last breath
drift in grief as I flip my final sheet
thus I rot shrouded by desperation
till am blessed with thy brutal salvation

3 thoughts on “Brutal Salvation

  1. that was extremly depressing…is that how u feel are u generalizing peolples situation I enjoyed your other post but I. Personaly have suffered from depression and my son has to…so its hard to know if ur serious are you assume u know a lot of people feel that way. For most not by choice.depression is very real and hard on everyone involved with someone who has it!!!! I am dealing with a lot with my child right now and ya suside is always an option…but whatever u have to go through….life is hard it sucks most. The time but it also has a lot of joy and brief moments of happiness…so I try to focus on the good and remember that pain passes and all wounds time..

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