The Broken Wings

Yesterday I had finished reading a short story for Jubran Khalil Jubran, one of my favorite writers of all time, I have always admired Khalil Jubran and his brilliant philosophy, his words have a special way of reaching to my heart, and reading for him always inspires me to write on my own, it’s not just his thoughts but the way he expresses them takes me to another place, putting right in the middle of the book, living with those chaotic characters, and weep with the tragic endings, last night as I finished the story I felt sad for awhile, and this story is a must read if you want to experience the tearful smile or the sorrowful joy.

The broken wings is a story of a doomed passion, a young man falls in love with a woman who is betrothed to the nephew of a leading church man, they were stealing some moments of joy and happiness in their secret meetings, fell in the glory of love between the walls of a worship temple, repeating their troubled prayers upon the picture of Christ and Ishtar, until the bishop discovered their secret meetings, she decides to sacrifice her only pleasure in life in the sake of saving her beloved.

Khalil Jubran also illuminates on some of his central concerns, like wealth is an impediment to happiness, the plight of the eastern women, describing them as the birds with broken wings in a cage, false values on which human societies are built, the true meaning of prayer and sacrifice, and that love is the only freedom for it elevates the spirit over the laws of humanity, all is told in few wonderful poetic words on the sheets of this tragic story.

Reading the broken wings had brought to me a new life experience, filled my heart with different kind of feelings, and fed my mind with new thoughts and new sights, and this only makes me more anxious for more, searching for another book to read, to take me to a new place and new thoughts, so I wonder what’s next on the list.


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