May She Remember

And as the sun sinks upon the pale horizon, the air was clouded with the darkness of the night, and the stars gazed into my eyes sympathetically knowing that she isn’t coming, and that the love that gathered us under the shadow of this tree had vanished within the oblivion of yesterdays, but may she remember the sweet delights we’ve shared beneath the mystic moon, may she remember the laughters and tears we drew in each other’s faces, oh let me send my regards with the wind of hope and maybe she’ll remember and come to comfort the broken heart of her beloved.

But the memory of her face is fading and all is left to be remembered, for I have been imprisoned by my only freedom and tortured by my only pleasure, I have tasted death from the glass of life and now I am left with these shadows under the gloomy sky, crying my burdened heart in the air hoping that a troubled breeze of my tears will touch her cheeks and maybe oh maybe she’ll remember me.




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