Life Is Too Short

I love those stupid moments when you get up jumping out of bed, turn the music on so loud that you can’t hear your voice singing, dancing insanely on a silly song you don’t even like, is this just a mood or are you simply happy?

Maybe we have become slaves to our moods, maybe we let them control us and define our lives, maybe we have so many blessings to be thankful for but we’re blinded by some negative thoughts that had invaded the mind, and maybe we have missed so many pleasures because we were busy with the anger that feeds on our spirits, what a pity!

A new day shall come with new blessings, new chances, new disappointments, new experiences, live them all with patience and gratitude, with their happiness and their sadness, for each one will create the features if the character you wish to be.

Be the master of your moods and control them, don’t be enslaved by the greedy thoughts and blinded by the delusion of the past, don’t waste your life within the ugly moods which steal the sweet taste of the days, life is too short and time is running by us, so does it really worth it?

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