My Mother – My Treasure

When we were gifted to our mom, on that first day, she was the happiest person on earth. When we called her ‘mom’ for the first time, No one could have been happier than she. When we took our first step, she jumped up and down with tremendous joy. When we went to school for the first time she was a little worried as to whether we will be alright or not. And there are many other occasions when she was happy on our small small achievements. Whenever I wanted something my mom was always there. She was not able to get it maybe but she was always there to ensure that my face was never sober. Whenever I was in trouble she was there, to ensure that I had a shoulder to rest upon and cry my problems to, to ensure that there was someone to wipe my tears and console me.
Mother is that one precious stone separated from the other millions for her strong and ever lasting love which  makes her shine like a diamond
She is that one whom we cannot get even by giving every dime we have.

She is that only gem which is a gift of God for those lucky some ……
Mom’s love is like the never ending flow of river
Her care is as never breaking and ever lasting like our bones
Her thoughts for us is as beautiful as the petal of a red rose ….
I love my mom ♥♥♥

Written By Vaishnavi Venukumar

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