Magical Drug

Well, it’s getting late and I probably should go to sleep now, so many yawns on my face with the fact that I can’t open my eyes, but still and for no reason I feel like staying here for awhile, I’m having some moments of peace at this quite hour at midnight, listening to some of my favorite songs, intoxicated by the music … Drugged with their lyrics, I have found some comfort in these songs, even though these words didn’t speak to me but somehow it touched my heart, it crossed directly to my soul and the words came out of my mouth in the tipsy rhythm of my sighs.

I guess it’s possible to be addicted to some kind of music, I guess music is a comfortable shelter that we run for to release our minds from all the troubles and the disturbing thoughts, sometimes when I get deeply depressed, I sit alone and play some melancholic rock songs, or soft classical music that totally speaks the unsaid in my heart, sometimes when I get very mad and I just want to scream, nothing can make it better except few heavy metal songs with a very loud volume on the speakers, fills the air with rage and anger, screaming the angry words of the songs as if it’s getting out the burdens of my chest, and sometimes when I’m surprisingly happy nothing but  certain songs can make the moment even sweater, and to me listening to Fairouz at the rising of dawn is enough to make of it a perfect day.

Music is a magical drug indeed and I’m addicted to it, those songs that we love are actually the soundtracks of our lives, and each song reflects a memory to us, some songs can bring tears to our eyes for it reminds us of something or someone that’s missing, some hold our heavy yearning to the past in their music, and some can make our hearts dance and sing even when we don’t know why, but tonight I’m just trying to relax and let this music steals me for a little awhile away from this world to give me few moments of peace with nothing in my mind.

4 thoughts on “Magical Drug

  1. Echoes ~ too true and beautifully written. When i was younger I had a friend (boy who was a little in love with me ~ not reciprocated , ooh makes me think of a whole other story!} who kindly used to make me wonderful mixed tapes (showing age ! :)) of wonderful songs, Tape 1 was called SONGS TO KILL STACEY, 2) STACEY DIES AGAIN 3) RAZOR WRIST MUSIC ETC ETC, it was always kind of tongue in cheek and usually followed the inevitable downward teardrenched spiral i would find myself in everytime yet another relationship broke up!

    But i have to say that over the years of ups and a whole lot of downs, i eventually owned up took and took accountability for my own part in creating and keeping myself in down moods. Im not saying its always easy OR possible, but i did promise myself a few years ago not to contribute and stoke my depressive episodes with melancholic music, films, books or EVEN FRIENDS and definitely NO TRAGIC WORLD OR LOCAL NEWS!!!

    I know avidly avoid all the above, its all too easy to coat your feelings with these, i recall it was like covering myself with the softest velvet, it almost made me feel like i was important and worthy if i felt this deeply, then i must be something special.

    Feeding the negative demons inside our heads is a dangerous addiction, its just like any other narcotic feels soothing and comforting at first but the downer is so much worse, we go further and further down the rabbit hole, into darker and darker places ~

    Put your brakes on, Honey, padlock your urges to self prescribe comfort drugs, keep in mind there are far far healthier options, just like health foods, vitamins, use the heavy rock stuff to release the rage and anger, use the upbeat to raise you, lift you, help you sing and dance and laugh, but ~

    BURN BABY BURN !!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~the melancholy ~~~~~~~~~~~
    BREAK THE HABIT!!!!!!!

    okay this came from the heart, i hope you are not offended in anyway, I hope you understand where i am coming from and also that this is a personal thing, (one i have not shared before !!!!)

    Big Love Stacey @ FMM

    1. Stacey i totally agree with you and thanks for these words ,, i understand what you’re saying and it’s true ,, these things could influence us in a bad way sometimes and we should work on that ,, God bless you :-))

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